Sunday, October 13, 2013

Turtle Beach Resort

When we arrived last night it was so dark that we couldn't make out much of our resort or the area around us.  All we knew was that the resort was made up of lots of tiny huts; some with air conditioner, some without, and most without bathrooms inside the huts.  Knowing that, I knew the resort could end up looking/ have the customer service a number of different ways from super rustic to a beautiful rustic feel and we weren't sure what to expect.  So you can imagine our eyes when we woke up to a BEAUTIFUL sunrise on an amazing beach and walking through the grounds of our peaceful resort!  AMAZING!
It didn't take me long to realize that the 3 hour horrible drive in the dark through the mountains of Oman was TOTALLY worth it!  We put our swimsuits on right after breakfast and didn't change out until our late nap time!
Turtle Beach resort.  In the middle of the resort is the "gathering" area that is an old boat set up as a bar/ dinning area!  This place is amazing!
This is looking at the far end of the resort.  There are tiny cabins along the far side.  Our room was in the corner on the left.  Along the edge of the water/ beach there was a rocky area where Owen spent most of his time!
He did LOTS of exploring!!!  So many things to see in the water and along the rocks!!!  He was in "boy heaven"!
Really, I think we were all in heaven!  I quickly knew that this was going to be one of my favorite family vacation spots!!!!  It was so pretty and SO relaxing... and with 3 young kids, you don't get to say that often about vacation!
The place was so small and quaint that you could let the kids do their own thing and not have to worry!  The sand was beautiful so they spent lots of time digging!
The water was beautiful so they spent lots of time swimming!
There were lots of new creatures to see so they spent lots of time exploring!
There were other kids our kids' ages there so they spent lots of time playing!
Owen found a plastic bag so he spent lots of time fishing and gathering crabs!
And because everyone was SO busy doing their own thing, that left lots of time for mommy and daddy to do lots of relaxing!!!!
The only tramatic thing that happened was I got stung on my foot early on in the morning.  I had run back to our room barefoot to grab something and came back to the beach area.... I was on the tile by the beach shower and stepped on something that quickly sent a HOT BURNING pain throughout my body.  I was calling for Brad in tears but he couldn't hear me.  Other beach go-ers soon realized I was in pain and came to my rescue!  From the water Brad looks over and gives me a "thumbs up" then "thumbs down" sign.  I could have strangled him!!  Seriously, I'm surround by people and you wonder if I'm okay or not.... just get over here!!!!  I was in A LOT Of pain, pain to the point of tears, and couldn't walk on my foot for over an hour.  I never did figure out what stung me but it still itches to the point of hurting. (over a month later and my foot still itches every now and then in that spot).  But besides the horrible car ride and the sting on my foot, everything else was smooth sailing!
This little guy did lots of swimming!  He is really gotten comfortable in the water and can swim by himself with the aid of a pool noodle and is starting to be able to stay up by himself kicking for a second or two.  He did a great job of entertaining himself at this resort!
This little princess did great on her own too!!! At times she would follow Owen, or swim with Ethan, explore on her own, or play with the other little girls at the resort!  It isn't often that she is off alone without trying to help one of the boys or come tell me she is bored!
I loved watching the two of them explore together!  She is learning so much from Owen!

All of this fun in the sun in exhausting!  Ethan ended up taking two naps a day!  The first one would be 30 minutes to an hour at the beach.  Then I would wake him up so he would nap with all of us after lunch!
Owen and his friends had collected SO many hermit crabs that they made a "home" for all of them!  One of the rocks had an area filled with water that the boys "decorated" with other rocks and items for the crabs to play with and filled the "pool" with all of their hard shelled friends!
Enjoying some beach time after waking up for a nap before lunch!
Our view at lunch!  Doesn't get much more relaxing than this!
During Eid holidays there is no alcohol served anywhere.  We didn't know this before hand... you could tell we were newbie expat travelers.... others we met at the resort had stopped at Duty Free in the airport and brought their own "goods" for this reason.  Luckily, the ban didn't start until the start of sun set so we had 2 hours to get a drink for lunch... and they were nice enough to sell us cans to take to our room for the rest of our trip.  There was a ban on the sale of alcohol from the 13th at 3 until the 15th at 5pm!
Brad and I weren't the only ones that got to enjoy a cool beverage!   Juice is a BIG thing over here... and my kids... especially this guy.... are getting spoiled with juice!  Here is Ethan enjoying a cold mango juice!
After lunch we headed back to our room for a nap!  We all ended up sleeping over 2 hours!  It is amazing how much the sun takes out of you!  I was glad we got a long nap in because we are going to see the turtles tonight and that doesn't start until 8.... and usually our kids are in bed by 7:30!  At least we are all rested up for a fun night of turtle watching!
We didn't let the kids swim after nap, we had all showered before lunch and wanted to be cleaned up for the evening.  However, I just couldn't keep Owen away from checking on his crabs!  When I saw Owen lived in this area all day I'm not kidding!
Checking out the "wa wa"
Headed to dinner.  At night they turn all of the lights on on the boat.  It is so festive!  I'm in love with this resort!
They serve a really nice dinner buffet!  Both breakfast and dinner were provided!  That was another nice thing.... that was 2 meals a day I didn't have to think about... not what to eat, it was a buffet.... and not what time to eat, times were set!  It really is such a carefree place to vacation!  I hope to come back here some day!

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