Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wadi Shab

Today we left Turtle Beach and made the drive towards Muscat.  We knew we wanted to enjoy the scenery and all we could do on the drive and that's exactly what we did!!! We dressed in clothes we could get wet and would dry easy because we knew there was a possibility we could visit a wadi ( Arabic term traditionally referring to a valley) on our journey.
We had heard from others at our resort that Wadi Shab was a "must see".  There is another wadi close to Wadi Shab that you drive up to see but Wadi Shab was nice because you could hike it so we thought we'd give that a try.  We drove through a very TINY town, down a curvy road, parked our car, boarded an old rickety boat, crossed the river, and
visited the donkey...
then we started our journey/hike into the unknown of Wadi Shab!!!

Per amazingplacesonearth.com- Wadi Shab is a must see destinations in Oman, located 40 kilometers southeast of Dibab along the coast road. Wadi Shab has a set of amazing natural pools&waterfalls in the midst of the desert, and all of that with a crazy turquoise water color swimming is very refreshing especially after a long hike in the heat of the day!
We hadn't even been wandering for 10 minutes and we were completely in awe of the beauty of our surroundings!  We knew right away why many people not only loved the Wadi Shab but why Oman was known as the "outdoor's man capital of the Middle East"!  If this is what most of the wadis look like in Oman, you can never go wrong with an outdoor wadi adventure!
The kids were troopers.... especially on the hike in!  They were enjoying hiking, climbing, and being outside.  The one problem was that we didn't have a map, know exactly where we were going, or know exactly what we were looking for.  There are many little pools of water throughout the wadi... but which was THE ONE???  We had no idea.... so we kept hiking.
Thankfully we had known about the hopes of our adventure so we got an early start from the resort and an early start on our hike.  We started hiking about 8am, it wasn't busy and we found lots of shady areas to walk in.  I noticed on our hike out that it was much busier, it was a Muslim holiday, the line for the boat was really long, and it was very hot with little shade.... we were done by the end and thankful that our journey in the heat wasn't just beginning!
I love Addyson's independence and eagerness to be big and helpful!!!  While I was carrying Ethan on my back and Brad went to explore a cave.... Addyson carried our backpack!!!
So much to explore and see!!!
It was really rocky so I carried Ethan on my back for the majority of the journey.  As much as he is one to keep up with the gang.... I just knew today would be asking too much of his little legs.  He and I enjoyed our time together... it isn't often that he allows me to carry him in the Beco anymore!
Most of the hike was pretty easy but there were some tricky parts that we maneuvered to try to keep our shoes dry.  Note to self, next time you are home buy keens sandals or some sort of water proof/ quick dry shoe for everyone!  I was actually pretty proud of myself for walking on rocks and keeping my balance all while carrying over 30 pounds of wiggling boy on my back!
All of the pools looked so refreshing but we knew if we stopped and swam that we would loose momentum and that would be the end of our journey so, even though we were hot.... we carried on.
And saw more beautiful turquoise water!
The farther we went in our journey, the harder the climb got and the more tricky parts we had to maneuver.  It would have been fine if it was just Brad and I but to watch the kids come close to the edge of a high cliff was nerve wracking and for me to walk up slippery slopes with wet shoes while balancing Ethan was okay until I had my first slip and fear of going over the edge too over.  The place is beautiful but there are not many safety railings in place so we just had to be mindful.
After speaking with people coming back from the main pool we learned that the hike got harder and the water was deeper to wade through... like hold your backpack over your head deep... so we knew we couldn't do that with the kids.  I was a bit disappointed to not make it to the end but I knew it wouldn't be an easy hike and that I didn't want to wear the kids out... we still had to hike BACK to the car!!!  So after an hour hike, we finally got to cool off in the pool!!!  It was AMAZING!!!  So cool and refreshing... and fresh water (not the salt water you would assume)!  The only down side was that it was very rocky and the rocks really hurt your feet so it was hard to walk into and out of the water after taking your shoes off.... another mental not to get good quick dry hiking shoes!
Part of our plan was to eat lunch while at the wadi so we had Turtle Resort pack us a lunch to take with us on our hike.  It was the perfect plan!  After cooling off, we found a shady spot, unpacked our lunch, and started to eat.... and within SECONDS we were surrounded by yellow jackets.... Owen had 4 of them on him.... barefoot I hobbled to get Owen, drop his food, and leave the area as quickly as possible : (.  Yellow Jackets- 1 Brewsters eat a yummy lunch- 0  We took what food we could with us in hand until we realized we were being followed... so we packed what we had left in the backpack.... Brad wanted to toss it all but that's all we had and we were 5 hungry people.... so we packed up while still moving and waited for a safe moment.  When it was all clear we got out enough food for a couple of bites... ate those.... got surrounded again.... and took off again... it wasn't the most relaxing way to eat lunch.... nothing like we had envisioned it.... but it worked... it was part of the wadi adventure.
In the end we had an amazing more!  We left wet, tired, not starving, full of memories, and ready to check in to our beautiful resort in Muscat!  Wadi Shab is another Must Do Again in Oman!!!

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