Friday, October 11, 2013

Snapshots of the Week

 I'm not sure who's idea this way... but this is how Ethan wanted to celebrate on his birthday morning... in his birthday suit!! :)  PS- a great advertisement for how much a water table can hold! :)
 Ready for his party!
 2 year old check up!  Perfect in every way!!!  And he was SO big... he did everything by himself... even climbed up on the scale and table and didn't shed one tear!!!
 Being brave is exhausting!
 The ONLY time I have seen the cats snuggle with him... he never sits still long enough or leaves them alone enough for them to relax!  That is the sign he doesn't feel good!
 Awwww.... lunch is SO much easier to make and SO much more fun now that our stuff is here!!!  Thankful for my veggie peeler and our sandwich cutouts!!!
 Family bike ride!!!  Glad to have our bikes!!!!
 Ready to play ball!!!
 Out for a drive!!  Who needs a golf cart when you have this sweet ride?!?!?
 Little man is big enough to drive now... he is just a bit more scary!!!!  I love how his hair is blowing in the wind..... he must have a lead foot like his Nammie!! : )
 Owen wrote his first "chapter book"!!!  The Legend of Big Foot!
 Yay, the rest of our stuff... including the rest of Owen's bed... showed up!!!
 Perfect place to spend a morning playing!
No school today= play date!!!
 Even fast food restaurants have private dinning areas!!!!  Just pull the curtain closed and you have your own little nook!
Our first

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