Monday, December 30, 2013

5 Minutes with Owen (6.5)

  • What is your full name? Kurtis Owen Brewster
  • How old are you? 6 and a half
  • When is your birthday? June 27
  • What is your favorite color? All of the colors (he usually claims red and black- Razorback colors)
  • What is your favorite thing to watch on tv?All the BOY shows (he is into Ninja Turtles and Superhero shows)
  • What is your favorite movie?All the new movies we watch at the movie theater
  • What is your favorite store? Toys R Us (we don't do much shopping here... been to Toys R Us once)
  • What's your favorite thing to eat? Peppers and olives
  • What is your favorite restaurant? Flying Burrito (on camp he likes to go to the Golf Shack)
  • What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries, bananas, and grapes
  • What is your favorite snack? bananas and every snack (gummy fruit snacks)
  • What is your favorite vegetable? My most favorite is olives
  • What is your favorite candy? All the candies that we have at this house (that doesn't equal many so I think he means anything mommy will let him eat!)
  • What is your favorite thing to do? Play sports
  • What is your favorite toy? My Boy toys
  • What is your favorite thing to play with? My friends
  • What was your favorite Christmas present? All my presents that I get
  • Who is your best friend? Jacob
  • What is your favorite thing to do at school? Play at the playground- girls catch boys
  • What is your favorite thing to learn about?  Reading
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?  I don't really know but probably a Farmer and other stuff too.
  • What is your favorite sport?  Football, the one that you throw... not like soccer
  • Do you have any pets? fish
  • What is your favorite animal? That is a hard one.... I guess all of the animals
  • What if your favorite animal at the zoo?  Hyena
  • What is your favorite thing to say? "I like you"
  • What is your favorite song? The Razorback Song (Fight Song)
  • What is your favorite number? 100
  • What is your favorite letter? O
  • What is your favorite book? The book where you try to find the Razorbacks (mascots- like a Where's Waldo Book) (he is starting to get into Chapter Books)
  • Where do you live? In this house.
  • Where does daddy work?  In the Leadership Center
  • Who is your favorite person? Mommy and Daddy
  • Who is the funniest person in the house?  Addyson and Ethan
  • What do you think about your sister? She is crazy!
  • What do you think about your baby brother? He likes to play on my computer a lot.
  • What kind of fan are you?  A Razorback fan!
  • Where do you go to school? The Elementary School
  • What grade are you in? 1st Grade
  • Anything else? I have other pets too which are my bugs over there. (he has been into collecting bugs lately and has several bug collectors around the house and he calls them his "Pet Store".  I also reminded him that we have a cat...."oh yeah" he said.)
 This silly guy is turning out to be all boy!  He is all about sports, bugs, wrestling, all things science, and in the end..... he brings it all back to his momma! : )  I have been very impressed with how well he has done this half of a year with finishing up kindergarten, spending a summer without his dad, moving across the world, and starting a new school.  He has met my expectations for him and surpassed them!  One thing I was shocked by was the generality of his answers.... I wonder if that comes from lack of exposure to tv commercials and all of the shopping we did back in the States (we don't have tv here except for Hulu).... I guess that's a good thing!
 I think his all time favorite thing is to be with "his" cat and to be outside... and if you drive by my house you will usually see the two of them together outside!  This cat is like a dog and follows Owen around!  Owen is my animal lover.... really, just a lover in general.  He is my sensitive one.
 He loves to "monkey around"... and that is literally what he calls this game here... he plays "monkey" where he is a monkey in the zoo and usually Addyson and Ethan are there feeding him treats like crackers and bananas!  He likes to remind me that his is my "little monkey"... that has been one of my standing nicknames for him.... and it fits him well!!!!
Happy Half Birthday to Mommy's Little Monkey!!!  You make your mom and dad SO proud and your siblings are your biggest fan!  You have done great things this year and I can't wait to see all that you accomplish as the year finishes up!  Love you!

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