Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Spirit

It is kind of hard to get in the Christmas Spirit when I'm fighting flies and mosquitoes and I feel like I should be shoveling snow.  It is hard to believe when I left the States a week ago they were getting a snow storm... I left that to come back "home" to put on shorts and a t-shirt and I had to ask myself, "Is it really December???  Is Christmas really just around the corner????"  I had to ask Tommy for a bit of help to put up a reminder that Santa is visiting soon.... VERY soon!
It is hard to get in the Christmas Spirit when in town there is NOTHING that resembles the holiday is fast approaching..... thankfully I was able to bring back some holiday crafts from the States... a little Christmas music in the background, gingerbread houses to decorate.... and lots of icing to eat.... Christmas if fast approaching!
It is hard to get in the Christmas Spirit when we are missing family and friends from home.  We are looking back at our pictures from the years past and are having fun reliving many holiday functions... makes us really homesick.  However, we are SO blessed to have made new friends... new "family" that are helping us get into the Christmas Spirit!
It is hard to get in the Christmas Spirit when things as simple as baking flour are hard to find so it seems like making our traditional Christmas cookies is going to be a no go... then we feel the love from people in our community... many people offered up their flour to us so we could carry on with our traditions.... and Ethan go to make his first Christmas cookie!!  Now THAT is the Christmas Spirit!
It is hard to get in the Christmas Spirit when our Reason for the Season... celebrating Jesus's birthday... is not talk about... really, not even allowed to be mentioned.  However, I am thankful that in our home we are allowed to talk about and celebrate how we wish... and remembering why Christmas is so special is high on our list of reasons to celebrate!
It is hard to get in the Christmas Spirit when I am unable to go out and do last minute shopping or pick up teacher gifts... maybe that is a good thing.... however, I am thankful that I was able to do a bit of shopping during my trip home to the States AND I appreciate the fact that this year we are giving gifts made from our hands and with our hearts, homemade cookies! Giving gifts that were thought out and made with love, that is helping us get in the Christmas Spirit!  (Addyson said the bags were heavy and made it hard to smile... that is a bag FULL of yummy goodies!!!)
While it has been hard to get in the Christmas Spirit as we learn to acquire new traditions, adapt old traditions, and celebrate with new "family", the joy of Christmas and the reason for Christmas is in our hearts and we are finding new and fun ways to celebrate!  I am looking forward to our first Christmas in the Land of the Sand and all of the new adventures and friends it brings our way!

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