Thursday, December 19, 2013

Decorating Gingerbread Houses

St. Nick brought a Gingerbread house kit to our house when he came the other day!  The kids were excited to see that!  Owen had been asking if we were going to get to decorate Gingerbread Houses this year.... funny how St. Nick (Nammie) always seems to know how to make that holiday so special for us!
 The kit we got had 4 different mini houses in it... perfect for us this year.. each child go to decorate their own... and Ethan was big enough to do his on his own... at least he thought he was!  He wanted NO help from me!  If I would try he would say, "Effie do!!"
Because each child had their own, I was able to just sit back and enjoy as each child let their creative juices flow!  I didn't have to micromanage and try to help each child get exactly what they needed out of the experience on one house.  It was a really enjoyable....
 and delicious experience!  I think Ethan did more tasting than decorating!
 Getting decorating tips from big brother.... but I think he was really wondering why Owen would be decorating with all of that stuff when you could be eating it instead!! :)
I love how Addyson tucked the bag under her arm to decorate... all of that time spent watching the cake decorators at Rick's paid off... do we have a future sweets decorator on our hands?!?!  What a fun afternoon decorating our Gingerbread Houses and getting in the Christmas Spirit!

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