Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ethan in Germany

The year I lived in Germany I had a standing "joke" about the weather, it rained the day I got there and it rained the day I left and it rained every day in-between and that is pretty much how the weather is in Germany and what we experience while we were here.  The nice thing is that in between ALL of the rain (we had all rain and no snow : (  ) there are also some nice days/ moments you really have to take advantage of and that is exactly what we did!!!!
When the weather was nice.... we were outside!!!  We did SO much hiking, walking, gardening this trip and it was good for our soul!  It was nice to be bundled up and enjoying cool weather vs. being in shorts and a tank top and trying to tolerate the HOT weather!
At times the sun was SO perfect and the background TOO great to pass up taking pics.... I tried not to carry my camera with us on every hike and at times I regretted it.... I'm telling you, I could have gotten some AMAZING pictures on some of the hikes we took.... and proof that our kids are TROOPERS with how far that hiked in the Harz mountains surrounding Osterode!!!
Other times I wasn't around.... like I was packing or helping in the kitchen and Brad took advantage of the moment to take some great pics.... I was proud of him for thinking of that.... I'm usually the photographer in the family....
Anyway, as I looked back on the pictures in my camera it looks like Brad and Ethan had a mini photo shoot while we were in Germany!!!!
Too Cute!

Thanks Brad for capturing these cute moments of our little guy!!!

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