Sunday, December 29, 2013

Morning in the Country

This morning Mutter planned for us to go visit the barn of the farmer where she gets her organic/ happy cow meat from.  Before visiting the farm we took a hike around an area that is a winter resting ground for bats in a large cave that was created from the ground giving in due to the calcium oxide under the ground eroding (at least this is my interpretation of it! I wish I would have taken pictures of the nature signs around so I could have remembered more information!).
No matter where we are.... our kids are kids and are always able to find the things they enjoy doing... for Owen that means hunting for bugs and creatures of ALL kinds.... here he found a wiggly earthworm!
Addyson loves being silly and getting into things she thinks might make us take a second look... like jumping in this mud puddle!
And Ethan loves to be independent and find his own thing to do.... once again hiking with his umbrella!!!
 And our favorite thing to do on vacation.... all be together and be silly!!!  We had a lot of fun running around all of the mounds created from the calcium oxide eroding!!!!
 What a wonderful morning and beautiful surroundings for a walk!!!

 Checking out the bat cave with Grossmutter and Grossvater
Wide open spaces to fun... and a BEAUTIFUL background!  Made me think of "The Sound of Music".
 Ethan and Grossmutter became good buddies!  Love, love, love!!!!
 After our hike we headed to the farm to check out the cows.  Mutter and Vater buy their beef from a local farmer that takes special care of his cows to ensure they are happy and healthy!  The farmer grows all of their feed himself and does ALL of the work himself from feeding to caring for to picking out the animals to be taken to slaughter and driving them himself.
 It was so neat to get a chance for the kids and us to see where some of the meat we have been eating comes from... and we LOVE to see happy cows!!!
We happened to get there at feeding time so we got to watch the farmer and how he feeds all of his 80 cows by himself!!!
After distributing the feed, the farmer (in the blue jacket) took us around to meet the cows and answered all of our questions!!!  We learned so much and it was so amazing!!!  I got to act as the translator between my family and the farmer!  That was fun!
 So each side of cows has one bull per side.... Brad kept saying, "Man, that's one lucky male!!!!  He gets to make babies with ALL of those females!!!"  We also learned that the males in the front on the right are the ones that he is preparing to take to slaughter... he slaughters 2 every 2 weeks so 4 a month.  We learned about the breeding, selling of babies, and deciding who go to "market".  It was so neat!
 After answering all of our questions, the farmer had to get back to work... he is a young guy about my age and he runs the whole show himself so he had lots to do..... but he said we could help me feed the cows if we wanted to... and of course we did!!!!
 As the cows eat you have to take a shovel and push the hay closer to them that is out of reach for them!  The kids took pride in their work, helping the cows get more hay that had none, talking to the cows, seeing the babies..... so much fun!  As we were there Owen decided that he wanted to be a farmer when he grows up!!!
What a fun morning in the country and being farmer for the day!! : )

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