Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pics of the Week

Day after our Christmas in Saudi.... spent all day in my #Christmasjammies
Snoopy Gingerbread houses..... Ethan ate his! ; )
First train of our trip!
Always hamming it up!
Train selfie
iPad in bed under the covers... where did he learn that from?!?!
We got a balloon for free and this became on of the best "toys" of the week!!!
Ethan says, "Merry Christmas"!
Playing Blockus with Tante Imke
Checking out the real Christmas tree with real candles
Sending our Christmas Blessings near and far!
Tea at 6am became a favorite tradition!
Riding the donkey in Osterode with Grossmutter
Exploring the castle that is SO OLD there is NO written record of it.
Ancient beauty at night
Owen photo bomb
Saying "Good Bye" to Imke
Crayons are for sticking in your ears, right?!?!
He walks best when he is allowed to walk with a walking umbrella!!!
Our finished Gingerbread Witches house with oven and wood pile!
Addyson was Grossmutter's right hand in the kitchen!!!
We loved going shopping in the mornings at the market for fresh cheese, meat, and bread!!!!

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