Friday, December 20, 2013

Snapshots of the Week

 OOHHHHH..... St. Nick AND Tommy the Elf came!!!!
What did St. Nick bring????
 Opening St. Nick stockings.... we love that St. Nick knows are travel scheduled and waited an extra day before visiting us to make sure we were all together to enjoy this special holiday!
 He wants milk and he wants it NOW.... he will get it himself if no one helps him!
 Admiring our fish take fill with our two fish named Transformer and two named Bubbles and our snail named Bumblebee (after a Transformer)
 The early bird gets to go through sibling's stockings to see if there are any goodies left over... must wear helmet to protect one's self in case they are caught in the act!!!
 He loves this helmet.... he wears it all the time!!!
 Addyson and her class performing for the parents and siblings!
 Decorating our tree!  The beginning of getting in the Christmas Spirit.
Ethan's job was handing ornaments to his siblings!
 Hew Haw Boy!!!
 Showing off our fish to our friends!
 Mixing up some sugar cookies!
 Teaching himself to write in cursive to do something special for TeeTee Beck!
 First time taking the Shopper Bus into town!!!  He was excited!
 Helping mommy at the fruit store!
 Mommy's new ride
 Soccer time... Brad is the coach and Addyson gets to practice with them!!!
Tommy likes to play tricks on the kids!
 Her hair is getting long enough to do fun things with... she wanted to wear her hair like I do!!!
Merry Christmas to me... I get to use my new stand mixer!!!  Love it!!!

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