Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

A veggie version of my mom's meatloaf
hamburger, onion, garlic, oats, egg, salt, ketchup, A-1 steak sauce, spicy/brown mustard
the sauces add moisture, you want it moisture so it holds together, but not soupy. for 2 pounds of meat, I use 2 eggs, about 1/2 cup oats
I added carrots, bell peppers, and zucchini
ketchup gravy:
put meatloaf in a pan (I prefer glass) around the side of the meatloaf squirt ketchup, put either a beef bullion cube and water or beef stock in the pan also. I usually blend the ketchup with the broth/water, stick in the oven on 350, middle rack, uncovered and bake. (time to bake depends on how large the meat loaf is. )
 Looks like my first go at Brad's favorite meal was a HUGE hit!!!!
 Ethan graduated himself to standing up at the big potty... was a bit sad to see this today! : (
Helping mommy make yummy broccoli (Ethan's favorite veggie) minced garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper in a bag with chopped broccoli, shake to coat and bake at 400 for about 20 minutes!
 Dress like a teacher day at school.
 Someone LOVES cinnamon toast!
 My little mother's helper and our sweet friend who naps with us 3 days a week!
The best way to eat a cracker... from between your toes!
Ethan decided our fish tank needed a bit more decorations!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Golf Cart day at Addyson's Class

Addyson class has been learning about things that Go!  That was one reason why we took a field trip to the yacht club a couple of weeks ago.  To help with the theme I offered to bring our golf cart to school one day so the kids could learn about golf carts!  Ms. Heidi took me up on my offer and I'm so glad she did!  It was a lot of fun!
I had fun watching the kids explore but I think Addyson had even more fun showing off HER golf cart!  She loved being able to show the kids all about it from how to buckle up, to the blinkers,
to showing them how to honk the horn!!  I was so glad to be able to give her and her friends this experience!  Again, a perk of living SO close to the school!
Not only did the kids do a complete inspection of the golf cart from front to back and top to bottom (even underneath), they also got to wash the golf cart!  Fun for them and I got a clean cart out of the deal!!!  Win-win for everyone!!!
It was a beautiful morning and so much fun to hang out with Addyson and her class!!!  I'm thankful to Ms. Heidi for the opportunity to come be a part of the learning process!
Not only did I have fun with Ms. Heidi's morning class but I also brought the golf cart for the afternoon class!!!  My little kids were napping so I had a friend come sit with them so I could go without any distractions.  I think the kids' favorite part was honking the horn!  Each kid got to do it once and each time the whole class screamed!  It was so funny!!!
These kids also did an inspection, although a different one... it was interesting to see the different dynamics in each class.... and they also go to wash the golf cart!  Now I am ready for the weekend!  Thank you to Ms. Heidi's afternoon class for the golf cart fun!!!  Days like this I really LOVE camp life!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Earning his Bobcat Badge

Tonight was a big night for this little guy!!!  Not only did he FINALLY get his uniform in and get to wear it for the first time but, he got to wear it for a very special occasion!  He earned his Bobcat badge and he was looking forward to the ceremony at the den meeting!
He has been working hard to meet all of the requirements that are basically the introduction to Boy Scouts such as the proper salute, knowing the Boy Scout promise, and the special hand shake!  He saw some of his other pack mates earn their badge last month so he knew how special it was.  I was secretly glad he did get his badge last month.... one, he didn't have his uniform (necessary for pictures! ; ) ) and two, I was in the States so I would have missed it.... so I was selfishly extra excited for tonight!
The den meeting is always fun!  It is a great way to see all of the boys from the different packs and see what they are up to. It gets the younger boys excited about what is to come!  They also do fun activities like this course that gets all of the boys involved together!
4 of the 5 Tiger Cubs
Earning his Bobcat whiskers
Getting his award and learning how to give a proper handshake.
One of the main reasons we wanted to sign Owen up for Boy Scouts is because it is managed by Boy Scouts of America which means he says the Pledge of Allegiance with a proper flag each meeting and does a lot of other things that keep our ties with our roots to the US!  We LOVE that!!!
Know what Ethan loves about Boy Scout den meetings.... the snacks!! : )
So proud of our little Tiger Cub and his first award!  I hope there are many more award in his future!  I know earning this one has him excited to earn more so he is working hard on earning his first bead!!!  Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

1st Soccer Game in Ras Tanura

Today was Ras Tanura's Arsenal's team first game of the season!!!  A couple of months ago I told Brad he should sign up to be a coach... despite the fact that he never played soccer as a kid... so that Addyson could possibly be on a team.  See, there are lots of activities for kids who are 5 and older and hardly any for 4 year olds and nothing for 3 and under.  I was hoping if Brad coached they might let Addyson in.  Well, that didn't happen... part of that equation.  Brad was assigned as assistant coach and Addyson doesn't get to play.  Bummer!  Not only that but Brad has somehow assumed the role as coach.  Without previous soccer knowledge, he still managed to kick off the season with a great game!
Of course it helps a little that Owen is on his team and is SUCH a soccer star!!!!
Unlike baseball, Owen is totally in his element in soccer and gets after it!!!  He knows what he is doing, has great ball handling skills, and has his eye on the goal!!!
What do the rest of us do while Owen plays and Brad coaches?!?!  Well I run up and down the side lines being THAT soccer mom yelling and coaching... more than Brad!! : )
But I also take a time out from my "assistant coaching" position and check in to make sure the little kids are around and having fun!!!  Part of the benefit of a small camp is we don't have to keep such a close eye on everyone... this community as a whole watches out for everyone's kids!  It is really nice!
Running or watching, this boy is TOTALLY into every game 110%!!!
At half time Brad did a great job of coaching the kids by talking about the great things each kid did and then talked a little bit about what they could work on for the next half.  Since this was our first game, we realized all of the things we need to start working on in practice especially about field positioning!!
Headed for the goal!!!  Poor Owen runs the WHOLE field the WHOLE time.... we haven't had luck with all of our players showing up for the games so we never have enough to swap out for a break.  To make matters worse, the kids don't understand playing their position so they run with the ball.. which means a whole lot of back and forth running!  I can't wait to see how Owen and his team and his coach grow this season!!!
"I run fast too!!!!"
Fun on the sidelines... I'd say they are Owen's cheerleaders but it looks like they are a little to busy to cheer on their brother... maybe they'll grow this season with Owen!!! : )  Go Arsenals!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

Someone caught a fish by herself!!!!!!
Fishing with friends at the duck pond... Ethan and I stayed home to split the kids up.... Ethan has been SCREAMING A LOT these days... not a peep out of him while the big kids were gone.... the minute they came home... the screaming started up again... I wonder who is to blame?!?!
Caught another one!!! SO glad we found this fishing hole!!!
We had a frozen turkey that we needed to use so we put together a "Leftover" themed dinner night and invited friends over!!!
People were asked to bring a dish using something that had been sitting in their fridge or cabinets and needed to be used up!!!  The pasta salad was a box from last year!!!  The dishes were amazing!!!  What a fun night with friends!
The kids were upstairs playing with their friends... and scissors... and it looks like Ethan got his second haircut of the weekend... and our friends got a trim too... thanks to Owen and Addyson.... There will be no scissors in our house for the week.... this was bound to happen at some point! : )
Potty training in the desert!!!!  You do what you gotta do... and he did it!!
No more diapers for Ethan!!!!
Our haul of sand roses!!!
Potty training fun!!!
What date night looks like these days!!!  Quiet evenings at home with a nice beverage.... some times I think I miss being able to go out but then we have an intimate evening like this and I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Friday morning (Saturday morning equivalent) at our house.
Leftover leftovers!  We finished up all of the yummy dishes... making the most of the yummy dishes!
Last sibling bath (it is getting to crowded in there) and Sue E wanted in on the fun!!!
This is how we clean in our house! ; )
Want to make some yummy, healthy rice?!?  Shred or chop up a carrot or two and add it to the pot before boiling!!!  Yummy!!!!
Sweet friends!!!
Two days a week I keep Ethan home with me.... we LOVE our together time... how can you not with a setting like this?!?! : )
Daddy's workout time... a win/win for everyone!  Daddy gets exercise.  Ethan gets fresh air AND one-on-one time with Daddy.  Mommy gets quiet time!!!:  )
It's got pinchers!!!!!  Oh the fun bugs we find crawling around our house!
Where I spend my alone time... a jog along the beach!  I found out I can run a lot farther than I thought when this is my setting and I'm blaring my music!!!