Saturday, January 25, 2014

1st Soccer Game in Ras Tanura

Today was Ras Tanura's Arsenal's team first game of the season!!!  A couple of months ago I told Brad he should sign up to be a coach... despite the fact that he never played soccer as a kid... so that Addyson could possibly be on a team.  See, there are lots of activities for kids who are 5 and older and hardly any for 4 year olds and nothing for 3 and under.  I was hoping if Brad coached they might let Addyson in.  Well, that didn't happen... part of that equation.  Brad was assigned as assistant coach and Addyson doesn't get to play.  Bummer!  Not only that but Brad has somehow assumed the role as coach.  Without previous soccer knowledge, he still managed to kick off the season with a great game!
Of course it helps a little that Owen is on his team and is SUCH a soccer star!!!!
Unlike baseball, Owen is totally in his element in soccer and gets after it!!!  He knows what he is doing, has great ball handling skills, and has his eye on the goal!!!
What do the rest of us do while Owen plays and Brad coaches?!?!  Well I run up and down the side lines being THAT soccer mom yelling and coaching... more than Brad!! : )
But I also take a time out from my "assistant coaching" position and check in to make sure the little kids are around and having fun!!!  Part of the benefit of a small camp is we don't have to keep such a close eye on everyone... this community as a whole watches out for everyone's kids!  It is really nice!
Running or watching, this boy is TOTALLY into every game 110%!!!
At half time Brad did a great job of coaching the kids by talking about the great things each kid did and then talked a little bit about what they could work on for the next half.  Since this was our first game, we realized all of the things we need to start working on in practice especially about field positioning!!
Headed for the goal!!!  Poor Owen runs the WHOLE field the WHOLE time.... we haven't had luck with all of our players showing up for the games so we never have enough to swap out for a break.  To make matters worse, the kids don't understand playing their position so they run with the ball.. which means a whole lot of back and forth running!  I can't wait to see how Owen and his team and his coach grow this season!!!
"I run fast too!!!!"
Fun on the sidelines... I'd say they are Owen's cheerleaders but it looks like they are a little to busy to cheer on their brother... maybe they'll grow this season with Owen!!! : )  Go Arsenals!

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