Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Addyson's Field Trip

Today Addyson's class got to take a field trip out to the yacht club to learn about boats.  I was gonna skip out on the trip and go to my usual exercise class.... my thought process was, "well the yacht club is just down the road and I could go there with her any time." but I realized that wasn't fair.  I had gone to most of Owen's field trips with him and I needed to do the same for Addyson... if that was what she wanted.... so I asked her... and as you can see from the pictures... she wanted me to go! :)
The first time she got to ride the bus was for the field trip to the duck pond while I was in the States visiting my grandma... glad I got to be here for her 2nd trip on the bus!! :)
Group photo!!!
All 3 morning K4 classes went to the yacht club together so while one group was learning about the boats, the other classes did different activities.  Ms. Heidi's class first explored, collected shells, threw sand in the water, and made sand angles! : )
Enjoying the fresh air and freedom during class time!
Too bad we can't have class here every day!
After getting rid of some of their energy, it was time to settle down and start learning about boats.  Ms. Heidi read a book about boats.
And the children got to draw boats on transparent paper so they could hold it up to the water and see their boat on the water!
Addyson and her friends hard at work creating beautiful boats.
Eventually it was our turn to visit with Caption Mario.  First thing, teach the children a captin's salute "aye aye Matie!"
Not only did Caption Mario take the kids around and show them the different boats, he also talked about boat and water safety!!!
Enjoying having her mommy ALL to herself!!!  So glad I made the decision to come!  It was good for both of us!
They wrapped up their field trip by having their snack by the water... if only every day could be beach day!!!
What a beautiful day.... with great friends.... it is SO good to see how Addyson has settled into life in Saudi, life on camp, life in her new class, and life with new friends!!!

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