Friday, January 17, 2014

Catching a Bird

I think I've created a monster.... a kid totally obsessed with animals... a child that is constantly asking for another pet.... and boy determined to catch his own companion.
This is literally something he thinks about 24/7.  He wakes up asking about it, writes stories about it in school, comes up with plans to create traps, and goes to bed asking about it.  It is a bit exhausting to constantly tell him, "No.  We already have a cat and fish and that is enough.  I know you WANT a bird, hamster, dog, monkey......but the cat would probably eat half of the pets you want AND we like to travel so who will take care of all of these pets while we are gone????
So instead of saying, "NO" all the time, I came up with the plan to say, "Yes" and just let nature take its course... meaning I didn't think that there was any way possible this boy was going to catch a bird.  As he was looking for ways to set up his trap (using a plastic bin propped up with a stick that was tied with a string he could pull and a bird's favorite flower under the bin as a tempting food item) he was also looking for a cage to keep the bird in. (see him hiding behind the trash can to wait for a bird to come???)
So I said, "No worries Owen.... you catch the bird and I will find a cage for you".... thinking I would never have to worry about that... Then "Bird Week" (much like Shark Week on tv) began!!!  This boy sat and waited and sat some more.  The house boy "cleaned up" the mess outside aka the trap... and Owen would make it again.  I finally got him to wait by the front door instead of by the trash can and then I was able to get him to wait inside since the string would reach that far.  He was patient AND determined!  Days went by and still no bird... just like I had expected....
And then it happened..... he caught a bird!  Seriously?!?!  A darn piegon was walking around in our neighbor's front yard and Owen was able to put a bin over it and catch it.... I'm pretty sure it was sick or old.... something I DIDN'T consider when making my promise to Owen that if he caught a bird I would get a cage.... now what?!?!?!  So we had to have a LONG talk about how it wouldn't be good to keep a sick bird inside.  That didn't really work.  He said it would be good because then he could care for it.... how do you argue with that?!?!  Then I talked him into letting the bird be his "outside" pet and I got him bread to feed the bird and that seemed to appease him.  Whew.... crisis averted..... or so I thought...
Today our dear cat Sue E. brought in a live bird in her mouth through our window and dropped it in front of the kids while they were having a picnic in the play room.... seriously?!?!  As Brad and I ran to find a net to get the bird out.... Owen ran around trying to find a cage to keep the bird in... after all I promised him he could keep a bird if he caught it..... so I had to remind him that HE had to catch the bird.... not the cat!!!!  We caught the bird, released it, and then dealt with tears, "it is NO fair that the cat can catch a bird but I can't!!!  It is NOT fair!!!!"  I then talked Owen into following the cat around to see how the cat was able to catch a bird so he could get pointers.... and that is how we ended Bird Week at the Brewster house..... he is out with a net in hand determined...... guess I better be working on finding a cage!!!!

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