Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Earning his Bobcat Badge

Tonight was a big night for this little guy!!!  Not only did he FINALLY get his uniform in and get to wear it for the first time but, he got to wear it for a very special occasion!  He earned his Bobcat badge and he was looking forward to the ceremony at the den meeting!
He has been working hard to meet all of the requirements that are basically the introduction to Boy Scouts such as the proper salute, knowing the Boy Scout promise, and the special hand shake!  He saw some of his other pack mates earn their badge last month so he knew how special it was.  I was secretly glad he did get his badge last month.... one, he didn't have his uniform (necessary for pictures! ; ) ) and two, I was in the States so I would have missed it.... so I was selfishly extra excited for tonight!
The den meeting is always fun!  It is a great way to see all of the boys from the different packs and see what they are up to. It gets the younger boys excited about what is to come!  They also do fun activities like this course that gets all of the boys involved together!
4 of the 5 Tiger Cubs
Earning his Bobcat whiskers
Getting his award and learning how to give a proper handshake.
One of the main reasons we wanted to sign Owen up for Boy Scouts is because it is managed by Boy Scouts of America which means he says the Pledge of Allegiance with a proper flag each meeting and does a lot of other things that keep our ties with our roots to the US!  We LOVE that!!!
Know what Ethan loves about Boy Scout den meetings.... the snacks!! : )
So proud of our little Tiger Cub and his first award!  I hope there are many more award in his future!  I know earning this one has him excited to earn more so he is working hard on earning his first bead!!!  Stay tuned!

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