Friday, January 17, 2014

Ethan's 1st Haircut

So it was finally time to get Ethan his first haircut!  Honestly I probably would have waited longer but Brad has made a comment or two about Ethan's "crazy" hair and Brad was getting his hair cut this weekend so I thought, let's all get haircuts!  All of the kids were due for one!!!  So I tried to get some good before pictures of the back of their hair....
and the front of their hair before going in!
Look at that crazy hair in the back!!!!!  It is SO fine, baby hair fine!!!!
He is 2 years, 3 months, and 2 weeks old.... and ready for a cut!!!!  Look at how long his hair is by his ears!!!!
He did great sitting still in the chair!  I was SO proud of him!!  He is the child that doesn't sit still long enough to eat (most dinners he finishes as I feed him while he plays!) the fact that he sat in this chair for so long was a big deal!!!!  He was SO serious and didn't crack a smile!
He also had a huge fan club!!!  We were ALL excited about his first hair cut!!!
Wow!!!  Already looking SO different!!!!
And then he was done, smiling, and enjoying his sucker!!!  He kept saying, "hair tut!"  and "I a big boy!"  I can't believe how grown up this makes him look... maybe that's why I put this off SO long... he is our last baby.... and now he doesn't look like a baby anymore! : (
Not only did he get a "big boy haircut" but he is also in "big boy underwear" and going in the potty as of this morning!!!  When it rains in pours.... no longer a baby.... but always my baby!!!
We were in the men's barbershop on camp so we went ahead and got haircuts for all of the boys... we tried to get Addyson's hair cut too.... it is getting a bit crazy... but the guy told me he doesn't cut girl's hair and we have to go to the ladies' salon to get her hair cut... and they are closed today (a lot of things are closed on Fridays).... so we'll wait.
After Owen got his hair cut.... and I tried to make a bit deal about him after we made SUCH A BIG DEAL about Ethan..... Brad got his hair cut and decided to get "pampered"... besides, that's what all of the guys here do!!  So he got a razor finish and then threading.....
which turned out to be threading of his ears and eyebrows!  Wow, I've never seen this before.... I had to take pictures.... and giggle!!! : )
Awwww, SO much better!!!!
My handsome, grown-up boys... there is no baby in this house anymore : (

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