Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Headed Home

Happy New Year from the train station in Osterode Germany.... this is also where we bid farwell to 2013, Germany, AND my wonderful host parents.
What a wonderful visit we have had!  I am so blessed to have such a loving host family that looks at me like a daughter and welcomes the rest of my family with open arms and open hearts!  Being here for the holidays was like being home.... and it felt SO good!  It was a great place to spend our first Christmas away from our family and friends back home!  Thank you Mutter and Vater for the wonderful time!
We had taken warm clothes with us and Mutter had found us boots and heavy jackets to borrow for playing in the snow... we had no snow while we were there except for the morning we left!!!!  At the train station snow flakes starting to fall!!!  The kids were beside themselves running all around and trying to catch the flakes on the tongue!  What a perfect "good bye" present!
Once again, Mutter ran beside our train as we left!!!  Good Bye.... until next time!
The first train ride was hard, I was sad and we were all tired (the fireworks prevented us from getting any sleep).  But by the second train we had all gotten in our traveling grove and were ready for the long day ahead us!
3 train rides later and we had made it to the Frankfurt airport.  It was a good thing we planned on getting there early to eat lunch.... did you know that think honey, snow globes, and spreadable wurst (A typical German item to put on bread) are all considered liquids and you cannot take them on the plane?!?!  I had NO idea!  Thankfully we hadn't checked any bags, we were planning on carrying everything on, and we had a large carry-on suitcase that we could quickly pack with our goodies and I ran back to the ticket counter to check our bag in!!!!  What a mess!  But, we had time!  And we still had time after for one last German meal of sausage, sauerkraut, and beer!  Thanks for the memories Deutschland!
It ended up being a long night of flying... and hot.... the airport in Turkey was HOT and we were all done by the time we got on the plane!  Shortly after take-off Owen started gagging so we stripped him down to only his underwear..... so classy for a flight, especially one going to Saudi were modesty is #1..... but you do what you have to to survive the flight!  And then.... we were "home"!  Looking at this picture and everything in the background, it is weird to think that this is "home" for us.... but it is.  This "home" makes trips to Germany possible and for that, I am thankful!  So, Welcome Home Brewster Family, Welcome Home!

update- we pulled in our driveway at 4am, Owen threw up as soon as he got out of the car and Brad had to be at work at 7am!!!!!  What a night/ morning!!!!

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