Thursday, January 23, 2014

Owen's Author Day

Today was Author Day in Owen's class and he was excited to show me the 3 books he has been working on "publishing"!  I usually go to class on Thursday mornings to help with Math games so this was part of my usual weekly routine and instead of Math games I got to spend  more one-on-one time with Owen!
One of the things I've really enjoyed about camp life is that everything is SO close!  I can walk to Owen's school gate in 30 seconds and be in his class room in about a minute and a half verses the 20 minutes it took me to drive to his school in Arkansas.  This extra time has given me the ability to get a lot done... which also means I look back on my day and wonder why I was SO busy.  I often remark to other moms on camp who share my feelings.... I moved here for an easier life but I seem more busy that ever... why?!?!
Here is a quick run down of what this morning was like; get up at 6, Brad is out the door by 6:45, get Owen out the door by 7:25, pack up the little kids, leave by 7:55, drop Ethan off at his school, take Addyson to her school and hang out with her on her playground until 8:15, run to the store, take the groceries home, go to Owen's class by 8:45, leave Owen's class at 9:15, work out, prep lunch, and start picking up kids by 10:55.... whew.... I'm tired just thinking about it.  I should also mention that everything being so close usually allows Brad the ability to come to a lot more things at school than he usually is able to... however, today was not one of those days because he had an important meeting..... he recently was given a job promotion (his second one since coming here!!!)!!  So that has him busy at work as he settles into his new role!!!  Looks like we are ALL thriving here just as planned!! : )
I've always enjoyed being active in the kids' school and being here really allows me to do this guilt free!  So today I spent 30 minutes with Owen where he and his hard work were the center of my attention!  It was SO nice!  When we moved here he was a bit behind on reading and writing (I take blame for this since I didn't give this much attention as I tried to survive the summer as a single parent trying to make an international move) and to see how far he has come is amazing!  He wrote 3 books to share; a book about Sharks, a How To Book about caring for cats, and a How To Book about caring for Fish!  Love how all of his books are animal themed!! : )  He had to come up with his thoughts, develop a plan, write out the book, and illustrate the pages!  He was SO proud!
The last thing we did was pick one of the books to display in the hallway above his 2014 New Year's resolutions!  Way to go Owen!  We are SO proud of you!!!

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