Friday, January 10, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

Future couple?!?!
AMAZING dinner I created myself!  Instead of cream of mushroom soup in my recipe I used plain yogurt and it worked great!  I also made mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes!  Learning how to cook carb free!
Superheros to the rescue!
All for One!
One for All!!!!
Since her sister is missing, I'm her new snuggle buddy!
What a MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Proud of what I accomplished with bread ties!!!
He wanted to skip out on a nap today... I asked him to sit beside me for a few minutes......
Poor kitty needs extra snuggles these days!
Shopping in Bahrian..... marshmallows and chips!!!!
Went to see Frozen in Bahrian!!!
Loving the Middle Eastern toilets in the hotel room!  Ethan thinks it is to wash your hands in... ugh!
My mom emailed me to ask if I had her socks with the gold toes... I wrote back, "They are enjoying Bahrain!!!!"
Hoarding problem or Tostitos problem?!?!

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Georgia Bryant said...

My gosh, look how grown up Owen looks! Those legs are getting so long; he looks full-grown in that pic where he's concked out on the couch! Love you guys!!!