Friday, January 17, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

 Our Gangsta.... wearing his sister's necklace ; )
Enjoying a glass of water on a beautiful morning after a great workout, peace and quiet mommy moment!
 Owen has all of his siblings working on catching a bird!
 Daddy is home more, mommy is less stressed, there is lots of extra family time in the evenings.... all of that equals a 6 year old who has finally been able to learn to ride a bike on his own!!! : )
 "I DON'T wanna peddle myself... Mommy push me!!!!"
 What?!?!  Two kids learn to ride their bike in one day!!!  Success!!!!  THIS is the reason why we picked up our lives and moved overseas.... family time!!!
 Chilled glasses.... you know what that means!!!!
 Cheers!!!  Our first homemade beer!!!
 Taco bar!!!  I even made homemade tortillas for the first time!!!
 We brought a bit of "home" and Flying Burrito to camp and shared the fun with our friends!!!
 We have embraced camp life and are loving the weekend evenings at home with friends!!!
 Off to work on catching a bird #determined!!!!!

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