Friday, January 24, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

Someone caught a fish by herself!!!!!!
Fishing with friends at the duck pond... Ethan and I stayed home to split the kids up.... Ethan has been SCREAMING A LOT these days... not a peep out of him while the big kids were gone.... the minute they came home... the screaming started up again... I wonder who is to blame?!?!
Caught another one!!! SO glad we found this fishing hole!!!
We had a frozen turkey that we needed to use so we put together a "Leftover" themed dinner night and invited friends over!!!
People were asked to bring a dish using something that had been sitting in their fridge or cabinets and needed to be used up!!!  The pasta salad was a box from last year!!!  The dishes were amazing!!!  What a fun night with friends!
The kids were upstairs playing with their friends... and scissors... and it looks like Ethan got his second haircut of the weekend... and our friends got a trim too... thanks to Owen and Addyson.... There will be no scissors in our house for the week.... this was bound to happen at some point! : )
Potty training in the desert!!!!  You do what you gotta do... and he did it!!
No more diapers for Ethan!!!!
Our haul of sand roses!!!
Potty training fun!!!
What date night looks like these days!!!  Quiet evenings at home with a nice beverage.... some times I think I miss being able to go out but then we have an intimate evening like this and I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Friday morning (Saturday morning equivalent) at our house.
Leftover leftovers!  We finished up all of the yummy dishes... making the most of the yummy dishes!
Last sibling bath (it is getting to crowded in there) and Sue E wanted in on the fun!!!
This is how we clean in our house! ; )
Want to make some yummy, healthy rice?!?  Shred or chop up a carrot or two and add it to the pot before boiling!!!  Yummy!!!!
Sweet friends!!!
Two days a week I keep Ethan home with me.... we LOVE our together time... how can you not with a setting like this?!?! : )
Daddy's workout time... a win/win for everyone!  Daddy gets exercise.  Ethan gets fresh air AND one-on-one time with Daddy.  Mommy gets quiet time!!!:  )
It's got pinchers!!!!!  Oh the fun bugs we find crawling around our house!
Where I spend my alone time... a jog along the beach!  I found out I can run a lot farther than I thought when this is my setting and I'm blaring my music!!!

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