Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 10 of 2013

For the past several years I have been listing the top 10 from the previous year as a way to kick off the New Year.... you can take a peak back if you'd like at 2011 and 2012
So without further ado.... the Top 10 of 2013

1- As much as I want to remember that there was more to 2013 than moving to Saudi, the reality is that we spent most of the year dreaming about, thinking about, and planning for Saudi.  Brad had his first interview with Aramco on New Year's Eve.  Our Spring Break was spent in Houston doing our orientation for Aramco.  Summer break was spent with Brad living in Saudi.  So as much as I wanted to end this post with our big news.... the majority of our year was centered around our move to Saudi!

2- Owen finished up Kindergarten at St. Joseph and had a wonderful year.  He made SO many friends and learned so much.  It was such a year of growth for Owen.

3- Ethan spent his first time away from us in a Mother's Day out program in Fayetteville and then tried out 2 programs in Saudi before finding a perfect at home nursery school for him.  Ethan learning to be away from mommy and to play with kids his age was a big deal!

4- Addyson did great transitioning to a school that goes 5 days a week.  She really grew up this year in terms of helping out in the kitchen and taking care of her brothers.

5- Once we told our family our secret (we kept it quiet for months), we had a wonderful time traveling around, using our RV a lot, and visiting our family!!!  So many fun memories made!

6- Brad enjoyed a successful jaunt at SVI where his hard work brought big numbers for the company.  He also made a smooth transition to work at Aramco.  His work ethic amazes me!

7- Our faith grew individually and as a couple as we relied on prayer to help us make decision and help pull us through the tough times.  We were amazed at how the doors for our journey opened right up!  Our house sold in 3 weeks, cars sold before we listed them, any worries we had were taken care of before we had time to worry.  It was amazing and for that we are SO thankful!

8- The relationship between Brad and I grew.  We kept commenting on how we have never been SO alined on something as we were about this move and our journey.  It was amazing to see how well we worked together.  We have also had more time together now than ever before... while it takes some adjusting/ getting use to, we are enjoying the additional time!

9- We said "good bye" to our dog Shilo due to the move, we adopted 2 kittens after arriving in Saudi, and by the end of the year we had to say "good bye" to one of the kittens that somehow got out of our house while we were in Germany.

10- Lastly, we have taken some amazing trips.... from our RV trips in the Spring to all of the short trips the kids and I did this summer without Brad to our long trips to Oman and Germany this fall/winter.  

We are on the adventure of a life time.... our journey started with a phone call at the end of 2012 and carried us throughout 2013!  We are thankful to the fun times we've had, look forward to what 2014 holds for us but most importantly we enjoy this moment RIGHT NOW that we are living!
Here's to 2014!

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