Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Day Shopping with Addyson

Today was another field trip day with Addyson's school.  This month they are learning about healthy food choices so a field trip to our commissary to buy fruit and veggies was part of the learning fun.  Addyson got all dressed up and took her purse with her!
Before heading out, the children do their morning circle time routine and part of that included working on their sign language!  Here is Addyson practicing signing her name!
A lot of what they do is "turn and talk" with a neighbor and this morning they had fun signing each other's names.  Addyson has come home with so many new signs (she had a bit of a leg up on the class since I did a lot of signing with her as a baby) and it is fun to watch her sign what she needs and be so proud of what she knows!
We went to the comm with the other 2 K3 classes so we took turns going inside.  While we were waiting for our turn the kids put out their blankets we would be eating snack on and read a book about healthy food choices (there is a big push in Saudi to get people to turn to good food choices instead of all of the junk food and sugar drinks they choose.  There is even a sign up by the register in the comm that warns about consuming too many of the high caffeine drinks).
Addyson's class was given a check list scavenger hunt to do in the store.  They were to go up and down the aisles looking for their items and becoming familiar with all our store has to offer.
I was the mommy member of this two person team.  Turns out, these 2 are the fastest ones in the class.  They rush though tasks and forget to "stop and small the roses" along the way.  I was given the task of slowing them down, trying to get them to take in their surroundings.  And I tried.  I pointed out different fruits.  Asked questions.  Tried to get them to point out things not on their list.  And despite all of my efforts, they were still the first ones done by a long shot.  Turns out Addyson is a lot like me.  Cut to the chase.  Streamline your efforts.  Accomplish the given task as quick as possible.  Leave out the extras.
After she was finished, she met up with friends to help them with their list!!!
The next task was to pick out ONE fruit to add to the fruit salad they would be making the next day in class.  I was happy to see it was just at home that she had a hard time following directions.  She thinks "more is better", wonder where she gets that from (hint, have you ever watched Brad in the kitchen spice up a dish????).
After picking out a fruit or two (or three or four), and some kids picked out veggies to add to the fruit salad, the kids took their items to be weighed.  In Saudi, there is a separate weighing station you have to take your fresh produce to before checking out.
The last step was checking out.  Each child got 5sr (or a little more if needed), to pay for their goodies!  It was a great experience for them to see the process of shopping from start to finish!
Lastly, they went outside to enjoy a snack before heading back to the buses to head back to school
The morning of shopping with Addyson and her friends was a fun insight into what the kids are thinking and would prefer to be doing when they go shopping with their own families!

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