Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ethan is Getting to be a Big Boy

As I recheck the title of the blog, I wonder if it is correct.  It isn't the grammar or proper capitalization of the words in the title I'm wondering about.  Nope, it is the statement "is getting to be".  As I look at the pictures and think back on our day, I think it is safe to say that Ethan IS a big boy.  Not only in how he looks (he officially measured in at 9oth% in weight and 95th% in height the other day at his doctor check-up), but also in how he acts.  Take his first visit to the dentist as an example.  He walked over, sat in the chair, and opened up his mouth without any of us asking him to do it.  He then sat there as the doctor checked his teeth and followed commands like biting down on the dentist's finger.  I was so impressed especially it was only a couple of weeks ago I was holding down a screaming Addyson who refused to let the dentist anywhere near her!  And in case you are wondering, Ethan is cavity free and still waiting on his last set of molars to come in.  He also has the same under bite issue that Addyson has so looks like they will be in braces together.
Not only is Ethan a champ when it comes to going to the dentist or doctor, he is also a huge help in the kitchen.  When he notices it is time to eat, he goes and gets plates for everyone without me asking.  If he wants a glass of milk, he brings me the carton of milk and a glass.  And when he is done licking the spatula and wants more, he takes the step stool over to the blender so he can dip the spatula in for another lick.  He is great at problem solving and getting what he wants!
His size, strength, and sibling role models also gives him an advantage at physical activity.  He can run and try his best to keep up with the older kids.  He can dribble a soccer ball and score a goal.  He can swim on his own,  AND he can ride a scooter......
 down a sloping driveway and keep control!  I was nervous about this.  I had Addyson walk his scooter down the driveway to the sidewalk to which he protested, picked up his scooter, walked it back UP the driveway, and rode it down...... just like Owen does... just like BIG kids are suppose to do.  The first time I was a nervous wreck (we live on one of the busier streets in camp) and stood in front of him the whole way down.  Once I saw he knew what he was doing and had it under control, I let him go.  It was a lesson to me to give my kids a bit more room.  However, giving a 2 year old wings and letting him fly is hard. There are certain activities that I worry so much about injury that I try to protect him (and his siblings) or prevent him from doing/ growing in that area not realizing he is probably ready to accept the challenge of a new activity.  See, I've never had to worry about a 2 year old wanting to ride a scooter down a hill.  Owen didn't have anyone to watch to get the idea from and Owen was cautious at a young age so he didn't give Addyson too many crazy ideas.  Which means that even though I have parented two 2 year olds, this time is different and I need to accept and grow with the challenge.
So I'm going to do better at letting them go, letting them grow.  A scraped knee or bonked head is okay it comes with the territory and is a part of childhood so I shouldn't be afraid of it.  Just be prepared.  So with ice packs and band-aids on hand, I'm ready.  And so are the kids!  I should also mention here that Addyson also took advantage of the day and I did good to encourage her she could do "it" on her own and she learned to ride her bike 100%.  I mean she can start, go, turn, and stop ALL on her own!!!  They are all growing up, getting to be big kids, before my eyes!

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