Friday, February 14, 2014

Friendship Day

{“I’ve hidden everything red in the shop, so when a religious police patrol comes along, they find nothing to complain about,” said a flower shop owner.  Anti-Valentine’s Day patrols by the Muttawa religious police, formally known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, started on Wednesday.  They began entering premises stocking chocolates, flowers and souvenirs to warn proprietors against selling anything red or heart-shaped and linked to the annual “infidel celebration” of matters romantic.} More of this article can be read here at
As you can see, Valentine's Day is prohibited from being celebrated and people are forbidden to wear red outside of camp.  We are not allowed to celebrate this “infidel celebration”.  Luckily that didn't stop the kids on camp from being able to celebrate with their friends as they would in the States!
The students got to celebrate "Friendship Day" which really, at that age, Valentine's Day is more about any way.  The students were allowed to wear red and Addyson's class made notes for each other during the day to hand out at the end of the day.  The school district also put a recent ban on food at school parties due to the increasing number of food allergies but Addyson's class was allowed to celebrate with a treat of pizza that was provided by the school.  She had a wonderful morning!
Ethan got to celebrate "Valentine's Day" at his school since it is a private in-home preschool.  He doesn't usually go to school on Thursdays but he was invited to come today to attend the party!  He had so much fun!
As he was leaving his teacher gave him AND his sister a yummy chocolate cupcake to take home to eat!
Addyson was unwrapping hers before we made it to our bike... don't think it made it halfway home! : )
After a short nap, the kids and I got to join Owen at his classroom celebration.  He is one of the only Westerners in his class and it was interesting for me to see the difference in parent turnout from the Halloween party to today.  At Halloween the room was filled with every parent and lots of siblings.  Today, just a few of us parents came to watch the kids hand out their friendship cards to each other.
Being homeroom mom I was also in charge of organizing decorating and coming up with the party activities.  This party was a bit harder to organize and plan due to the lack of food, remember at Halloween half of our party centered around goodies!  Thanks to the internet I came up with a few "friendship" games to play!  Here the child in the middle would state something that they like "I like dogs" and if a child liked dogs too they were to get up and change chairs with a friend and hope to not be the one left standing in the middle.  This was a fun way to learn more about their friends and things they liked!
We also played good ol' fashioned musical chairs!  Always a winner with kids!
And we finished up the afternoon with a game of charades!  I think that the kids had a blast and had fun celebrating their friendships in their class!
As we were cleaning up the classroom and taking down the decorations, the decorations only stay up for 24 hours, we were walking out of school and I ran into some of my friends who invited us into their room as they cleaned up and my kids got to do one of the crafts they did at their party while us moms chatted and enjoyed our friendships! : )
Ethan was very busy and very purposeful about decorating his crown!  This little man is growing up so fast!
Happy Friendship day to all of our friends near and far!
Spread the friendship AND love.
We are.... even in Saudi Arabia where it is forbidden!!!

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