Monday, February 17, 2014

Ras Tanura Parade and Carnival

When there is an activity or festival on camp it ends up being a BIG deal!  In this closed community with not a whole lot going on, small things turn into big things that most of camp turns out for!  Today was the annual parade and carnival and we were excited to go see what it was all about!  I was also anxious to try out my new camera and things I have been learning in my photo class!
 The parade and carnival has a different theme every year.  This year the theme was "Big Top".  There are over 30 self directed groups on camp and many of them were in the parade.  Prizes are given out for the best floats, best golf cart, and best walking group!
 The camels, horses, and stilt walkers started off the parade!
 The colors were amazing which was nice to capture and made great photos!
 Lots of clowns walking around.... just not sure if my kids were a fan of that or not! : )
 Owen got to ride his scooter in the parade with the Boy Scouts!!!  Most of the boys painted their faces to look like circus animals but Owen wanted to pass on that!
 So much fun!!!
 There were a lot of big floats this year and I love how the cabs were decorated too!!!
 Having fun hanging with daddy.
 Brooke our sweet neighbor on the baseball float!

 Sweet sister!
 The group I'm in, the photography club, didn't walk in the parade, instead we were suppose to capture photos of the parade and carnival and submit our 3 best for judging.  The winner gets a gift card and gets your photo published with a photo credit.  So help me pick my 3 best to submit!  These photos are raw so I can work on my 3 best to make them even better!!!  Please help!
 After the parade we headed to the carnival with money in hand and ready to spend!
Turns out, the only money you needed was to buy food.  A lot of the self directed groups had booths set up and there were able to earn money for their group!  Here is Addyson buying cotton candy for the boy scouts!!!
 A lot of the food tents!!!  A busy place!!!  There are several women who sell food on camp on specific days that you can order in advance.  It is a nice perk to have since going out to eat isn't always an easy task and this food I can go pick up myself in my golf cart!! : )  A lot of those women were selling their food toay!!!
 The view of the boardwalk in the direction of our house.
 A view in the other direction.  What a busy place!!  I heard that a lot of Aramco employees from the other camps came in for this big event!
Waiting in line for the bouncy house. I love the diversity that constantly surrounds us!  My kids don't even bat an eye at differences anymore!
 Big boy went down all by himself!
 Addyson made friends to go with!
 Carmel apple.... that he only licked!  He thought it was SO good!
 My idea was to submit one of these of Addyson for the contest.... if I could figure out how to remove Owen's arm.  Thoughts?

 LOVING life!
 My little crew
 I got caught eating Ethan's apple!!!  Oops!!
 Playing games and winning prizes!  I sent Owen to go play with 20sr and he came back with an arm full of prizes and 20sr.  How did that happen?  All of the games were free!  I was amazed.  That is one of the perks of working for an oil company who wants to keep their people happy!  Thank you Aramco and the people who organized such a wonderful event!
 So here is my plug for the downside of such an event, and really something we deal with daily when we head out into town.  I forgot to mention this on my "downside" list at the 6 month mark so I'll mention it here.  The lack of lines and the idea that you can cut in line drives me nuts.  I spent a lot of my time this afternoon guarding my kids' spots in lines and telling moms to take their kids to the back or calling out kids that tried to butt in.  It amazes me that the "non- Western" moms will encourage their child to cut in line.  Thankfully the games were attended by workers but there was so much craziness going on and people cutting from all sides that it was impossible for them to keep on top of it.  After an hour and a half of fighting lines I was done, but the kids were not.  At that point they had played enough games and won enough prizes that I didn't worry.  It is also a good lesson for them to learn how to hold their own.  They are going to need to know how to do that growing up over here!
 The carnival went until 8pm. By 7 the temperature had dropped and it had gotten windy so we were ready to go.  It was also a school night see, Friday is their holy day so events cannot be held on those days meaning most things are held on Saturday night which is a school night.  We took home 3 cold, happy, full, and tired kids and put them to bed with SWEET dreams and a perfect way to end their weekend and start their week!  Thanks Aramco for a wonderful event!

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