Friday, February 14, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

 Clown Car
 Soccer game in the rain.
 "What does the fox say???"  "Ahoooooo"  This boy is a little OBSESSED with this song!
 All day in bed with my sick girl.
 Tiger Cubs go to school to learn about communication and how we communicate with others.
 Up ALL night with a sick girl, single parent all day taking care of 2 buys boys and a sick girl, pack leader for the Tiger Cub morning, chef, and EXHAUSTED and still managed to squeeze in my normal run and workout!  So proud that I am moving past the excuses stage!
 After 24 hours... this means there was another sick day to be had!
 Momma's swollen and infected lip due to a hair follicle.  What a week!
 Doing food prep for the week... how did I manage to squeeze that in?????
 I think the homemade almond butter was a hit!! : )
 Broken wheel shaft on the golf cart= golf cart out of order until we can find a part.  How did this happen?  Ethan drove the cart into the bikes and fridge in the garage!
 The shrimp alfredo was SO good he ate it by the handfuls... literally!
 Looks like all of our kids eat with their hands these days! : )
 A combo little superhero!
 New shoes and a new camera.... happy day for mommy!  I love how this community helps each other out, a friend was in the States and I was able to ship this to him to have him bring it to Saudi for me!
 Eating chocolate cupcakes on the way home from school.
 My littlest Valentine
 Introducing our friends to our favorite animal video!!!!
 Practicing his fake angry at mommy face!  Gotta try extra hard not to smile! : )
Our fancy Valentine's Day lunch.

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