Friday, February 28, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

Louisiana-style Shrimp Boil in Saudi
 Dinner for 3, Ethan and his "girls"
Friendship all around
 Helping Mommy clean up after baking.
He requested 50 cookies to take to work.  I baked extra for the family.  He ended up taking all 80 cookies and coming home with empty platters.
 Story by Owen - talks about beer being for grandpas but bad kids sneak into the beer store and take lots of beer.  Interesting story to write amongst his Muslim peers!
 A gift from a member of the Secret Sister group I started.  A book about a girl who doesn't conform, is herself, and inspires others.  Touching gift!
 After a 3K fun run with my running buddies, we celebrate with a drink!

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