Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snapshots of the week

When I get out my camera he wants me to take his picture too these days!! "Effie's turn cheese!"
SUCH a big girl!!!  Her first time to agree to dental x-rays!
Owen's first time at the dentist in Saudi.  Such a big boy... and cavity free!!!  The dentist was impressed.... here cavities is such a common thing... even in 1 and 2 year olds!!!
She agreed to x-rays but NOT to letting the dentist check her out..... Um... LET ME GO!!!  We are gonna try again in 3 weeks.... wish me luck!!!
Stating the Boy Scout promise at the beach.... the backdrop is SO perfect here!
Clears and rinses his plate!  Such a big boy!!!
 He created his own flute instrument this morning!  So creative!
 Who needs to run when I can get a leg workout in the morning walking around with these 2 monkeys on my legs?!?!
How to hold/eat your turkey!

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