Saturday, February 15, 2014

Soccer Saturday with My New Camera

 I've been wanting to up the anty for my camera taking skills/ability and in my mind that meant that I needed a new camera.  When I approached Brad with this idea he reminded me that we purchased a new camera less than 9 months ago to move here and that camera should have lasted me awhile.  Well it didn't.  My camera got a scratch on the lens and I noticed that in my pictures with a lot of sunlight, like the ones taken when we went digging for sand roses, there was a glare or spot on all of my pictures.  Bummer!  I'd like to blame the scratch on the kids but in reality it was probably my fault!  I take my camera with me everyone and I don't have it in a case OR have a lens cover.
Knowing that blogging and taking pictures is my only real hobby these days, Brad started looking for a replacement camera for me.  I wanted to make sure we had something for our upcoming trip to Turkey so I didn't end up with a spot in all of my good pictures.  One of our camp friends was in the States and said we could ship a camera to him to bring back to Saudi for us (shipping a camera here was going to cost over $100) so we jumped on the opportunity so I could start learning about my new camera before our trip!
I received my Sony RX-10 in the mail just in time for my second photography class on Friday where I tried to learn as much as possible about my new "toy"!  My goal is to take my camera off of the auto setting and be able to tell it what to do to capture the shot I want!  I'm already excited about all I have learned and can't wait to expand on that knowledge!
Today is going to be a great day to try out many new things because we have soccer this morning and a parade and carnival this afternoon!  The weather is beautiful and the colors are amazing.  These pictures are not exactly what I was trying to capture, but it is a nice beginning!
The more I practiced and the more Owen played the better the pictures got!  I LOVE this picture.  He looks just like me after I play a soccer game or exercise.  Our faces get so red and splotchy and we sweat like crazy!  This captured that!  I was also wanted to learn how to take pictures with a fuzzy background and I did it!!!  Yay!!!
None of these pictures have been put into photoshop.  That is something else I hope to learn soon! You guys might have thought I was bad about taking pictures before.... just you wait... there is SO much fun to be had and pictures to be taken with my new camera!

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