Sunday, March 23, 2014

Before Mommy comes Home

When I suggested that Brad keep both kids while I flew home to Canada he was less than thrilled about the idea.  He had nightmares of the time I went to the States in November and it was a bit of a mess, especially with Addyson.  We didn't have a lot of close friends yet and Addyson's school was canceled for several days because of flooding.  I knew this time was bound to be better because our relationships with people are SO much closer and I had a feeling Addyson's school wouldn't  be closed for some weird reason again so I talked Brad into letting Addyson stay home!
And it ended up being a great two weeks!!!  The kids did SO good that Brad rewarded them with a trip to Billie Bees the weekend before I came home.  They have been wanting to go here for a long time and they finally got the chance!!!
What is Billie Bees, a amazing play scape (think Chuck E. Cheese on steroids).  It is/was actually in the Guinness Book of Records for largest indoor kids play area!!!  Amazing!
So much to do that they spent all day there (which you need to do because it is quit expensive to go).  It is in the mall and the Chili's is right next door so they stopped to eat lunch and then went back!!!  What a fun day for the kids and perfect way to reward them for a great two weeks with dad and being tossed around from house to house in the afternoons!
Marieke had them a couple of afternoons before I came home (and the week before) so on one of her last days she helped them make a Welcome Home sign for Ethan and I!!!  What a nice surprise to come home to!!!!  Everyone was so helpful with the kids and sending me pictures.  Thank you!!!  I was totally relaxed this trip home knowing my family was in great hands back in Saudi!
How do you finish out a great weekend????  With more fishing of course!!  Once Owen gets a taste of fishing, he is non-stop with it.  And Addyson loves to tag along!!!  She has become the little fisherlady hooking fish and reeling them in on her own!!!
Thank you Brad for holding down the fort while I was gone and taking such good care of the kids!!!  I needed that trip home to be with my family and see my Opa!  I couldn't have been as attentive as I needed to with either if I had more than one child home with me!!!  Now it is time for Mommy and Ethan to come home and get back to our "normal" routine, whatever that might be.  Seems like I've been gone out of Kingdom so much these past 6 months that we haven't been able to fall into our normal routine.  Guess we'll have to save that for Year 2 here!

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