Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fishing with the Tiger Cubs

The weekend before I came home was a long weekend on camp.  Aramco is really nice, if there hasn't been a holiday in awhile, they give you a day off because their thoughts are that everyone needs a day off every now and then!
Brad took full advantage of the long weekend with the kids and planned a fishing out for Owen's Tiger Cub troop!  All of the boys PLUS Addyson!
First the boys made their own fishing poles from bamboo sticks that Brad had purchased and fishing line, and made a bobber with a bamboo cork.  The other dads came along for the morning and helped each boy assemble their pole!
And then they fished for about 2 hours.  Some of the boys were fishing for their first time!!!  What an experience!
Waiting for a bite!
On the golf course is a small pond we all call the Duck Pond (it is where we have gone to take our old bread to feed the ducks).  There are lots of fish in there so the boys were getting lots of bites and reeling in lots of little fish.  Perfect for a catch and release morning of fun!
Here is a view where you can see some of the golf course in the background!
What a fun morning of fishing fun with the Tiger Cubs and Addyson!!!!

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