Friday, March 28, 2014

Last Zumba Class

Addyson has had so much fun in Zumba!!  It was a great place to go dance with her friends, burn some energy, and meet new friends!!!  There are not many activities on camp for kids under 5 so we were really thankful for this opportunity!!
Showing off her Zumba moves.
Waiting for the music to start
Since today was the last class, the kids put on a show for the parents.  We got to come watch them Zumba to 4 of their favorite songs!!!  Addyson was in the front row and so proud to perform for us!!
Ms. Angelica is awesome with the kids and I have to say I got to make a new friend out of the deal!
Awesome Zumba class and teachers!!
(Addyson is going to be in the Zumba performance in May where different groups on camp are showing off the different styles of dance!  This means that Addyson actually gets 5 more weeks of Zumba!!!  Yay!!!)

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