Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meet Stella

There is no secret in the fact that I am a DOG lover.  Okay, really, I love all animals but when it comes to a household pet, I would choose a dog over a cat.  That was one of the challenges of moving to Saudi, we had to find Shilo a new home because small dogs are not allowed into the country (the government claims the only reason why you would want a small dog is so you can walk around with it on your hip all day and act like Paris Hilton.  I have also heard rumors that they think small dogs are tied to/ a symbol of prostitution).
We couldn't just be a pet-less family (well Brad would differ here and say, "Yes, yes we could live a life without pets" but I say how boring would that be?!?!).  So we got the best pet for a family that likes to travel, 2 cats.  On vacation, where we left our houseboy to care for our "easy pets", we lost a cat and were down to one cat.  Life was good.  But my heart was still sad, I missed having a dog!
 (ps- Sue E. is in the tree escaping from the new dog that is chasing her around)
I probably would have gotten over it but everywhere I looked on camp it seemed that someone was walking a dog so I soon realized that having a dog on camp WAS possible.  So I started researching.  I asked questions about owning dogs on camp and travel.  I looked into pet rescues for small dogs available.  I was obsessed with the search.  Brad's fear was that I was at the point where I wouldn't take "no" for an answer and his only job was to slow me down in the dog process.
He managed to slow me down for about 2 months but I just couldn't wait any longer.  My defense, I answer everyone else's requests, help with their needs, give of all my love and where was the answer to my ONE request (and I was told, ONE request... it is just ONE now but what about all the others in the past???  At this point, those didn't count.  Just this ONE did!!)
So, this afternoon, when we couldn't find any small dogs on the rescue pages (small dogs are HARD to find and a lot of dogs for adoption are desert dogs that are feral, have super sharp teeth, and aren't good with kids), Brad let us drive into town where we found this little treasure at a pet store (yes, I have to be honest here and say where we got her.  I would NEVER buy a pet in the States.  NEVER!  However, I had to get real and understand that getting a small dog in Saudi meant buying one.  My plan, give back to my local shelter at home this summer to "make up for buying a dog".
We found little Stella and it was love at first sight.  She is sweet, energitic, fluffy, loving, and likes to cuddle.  It took us a day to come up with her name after searching for the perfect "S" name (all of our pets names start with "S") for a little fluff ball we got in Saudi.
Meet Stella!  Stay tuned to see the adventures of our little desert dog!

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