Monday, March 31, 2014

Owen's Earns his Tiger Badge

Tonight was the annual Boy Scout banquet on camp!!!  All of the dens got together for an evening of fun which included dinner, dessert (which was a baking and decorating competition between the Eagle Scouts), an activity, and awards!
The activity was a structure building activity using mini marshmallows and toothpicks.  Each den had to built a structure and the group with the tallest structure would be the winner!
Ready, Set, Build!
Since the Tiger cubs are the youngest group, the parents were allowed to help them and give them a bit of advice.  Addyson took this as her cue that she could also jump in on the fun!!
Finished product!!!  We didn't win first but we won second place!!!  Yay Tiger Cubs!
After all of the fun, it was time for awards!!!  This little group of boys have been working very hard this year to earn their Tiger Cub badge!!!  So on top of the Bobcat badge Owen earned earlier this year and all of the beads, he can now add a Tiger Cub badge to his shirt..... um, maybe mom should start by adding the essentials to his shirt first like his troop number and the other basics!
I wasn't sure if I was going to be home to see him earn his badge but thankfully the scheduling worked out perfectly and we could all be together as a family for this fun event.  A little jet lagged but, there nonetheless!
Receiving his badge and doing the official Boy Scout hand shake!
Mommy earns a pin too!!!  Owen got to pin it on me!!!!
I love all of the fun, amazing, and learning/growing opportunities we are getting on camp!
Proud of our little Tiger Cub who earned his stripes tonight!

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