Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It will be hard for me to write this post with accuracy because I was in Canada and not in Saudi to experience it however, this was the first time my family has lived through a shamal so I wanted to make sure to put it on the blog.

Shamal (wind)From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shamals result from strong northwest winds that are funnelled into the Persian Gulf by the mountains of Turkey and Iraq to the northeast and the high plains of Saudi Arabia to the southwest. The winds most commonly are strongest in the Spring to Summer and hence the Shamal events are as well, although they can occur at any time of year. During that time of year the polar jet stream to the north moves southward to become close to the subtropical jet to the south. The proximity of the two jet streams promotes the formation of strong but often dry cold fronts which create the Shamal. The strong winds of the Shamal form in front of and behind the front. Iraq typically experiences strong wind-driven dust 20 to 50 days per year.[2]
Can you see the haze that just fills the air.  Fine sand in the air covering everything!  Owen came home from school and tried to make a mask that he saw some of his friends wearing!  Brad and I always said that almost anywhere you can live has "bad" weather 2-3 months a year.  In Canada that is a snow storm that shuts down school  In Saudi it is a sand storm that shuts down afternoon activities!!  Yep, baseball practice was canceled because of a sand storm!  Crazy, right?!?!  So between the shamals and heat and humidity, our time for bad weather in our area is quickly approaching so we will continue to take full advantage of the beautiful days while we can before we are shut indoors with the ac on full blast!!!
While I was getting pictures from home of a sand storm, I was shut indoors in Canada due to a snow storm!!!!  Crazy the extremes we were all dealing with on opposite sides of the ocean!

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