Friday, March 7, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

 Me and my "desert" dog
 Wrapped up and carried around.... I don't think her feet have touched the ground yet!
 Being a Brewster puppy is hard work!
 Temper tantrum over sharing chips leads to a HUGE mess.
Cleaning up the mess he and his brother made.
 He has a slight addiction to "prut box(es)" (juice boxes)
 Ash Wednesday.... in Saudi you get the mark on your hand so it isn't displayed for all to see.
 Lunch time at the park!
 A dirty face only a momma could love! : )
 How I spend my nap times now!
 3 "single" moms for the night got our 8 kids together for Brewster Taco Bar Night!!!
 When he has questions, he is turning to Google and YouTube to get answers.  Learning how to make a Ninja Star.
Teaching Stella tricks with a neighbor girl.

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