Friday, March 14, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

A morning hunting bugs in our jammies!
Beach puppy
Someone had to much fun at the beach.... or so I thought.
So after..... I knew what the problem was.
He and I are both willing him to get better so we can fly to Canada.... he asked for sugar toast but didn't eat a bite and then cried when the houseboy tried to throw it away.
Crack on the plane, popcorn flavored pretzels
Would you like some cereal with your strawberries?!?!
Recovering from jetlag AND being sick!
Ethan's new buddy, Brandy
A beautiful good bye after a snow storm
When you send flowers during a snow storm, they freeze : (
I never thought when I started Secret Sisters on camp in Saudi that I would be blessed by her after Papa's funeral!  Feeling the love from across the ocean!
Moments like this are priceless.
After an emotional couple of days, my dad and I found something to help us pass our time on Friday night.....
What a great Friday night and end to our week!

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