Friday, March 21, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

He's hooked... and picky about while ones he'll eat!
I made my famous breakfast burritos for the fam!  Always makes my dad happy when I make these!
Going through old photos was SO much fun.  Here is me and the first time I got to be a big sister!  Big Sister was my best job until I became a mommy!!!
Despite the odds and much to my surprise, I was SO happy to see my Opa up, eating, watching tv, and having a conversation with me!!!!
Best American/Canadian friends for over 25 years!
Helping Nina vacuum up dog hair!
Amazing veggie chili I made using my own recipe!  Hope I can create it again!!!  One of the nice things about going home and only have one child is that I was really able to help out where my parents needed me most!  SO thankful to be home!
My Opa was a saver of important papers!  Loved seeing his and Oma's marriage license from March 19, 1994.
My dad's ticket for the Seven Seas boat from Germany to Canada June 25, 1958 when he was almost 9 years old!
A shopping trip to the States with lunch and drink(s) with my favorite Sister!!!
My family made cards and took flowers to all those that helped take care of them while I was gone!
Bean curd "shrimp" is what's for dinner!!!
I think his face is dirty from food more than it is clean! : )
2 weeks in Canada and a shopping trip to the States equals one LARGE pile of stuff to pack up!

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