Friday, March 28, 2014

Snapshots of the Week

When she was staying with one of my friends she would ask, "Can you take a picture and send it to my Mommy?!".  Sweet girl!
First meltdown of the trip and it happened as we waited to board our final flight from Bahrain to Saudi.  He wanted candy.  He just cried, "Cannie.  Cannie" over and over again!!!!  Ugh!
Beautiful in her new dress from Opa and Nina!
Liza's going away party
Hot and sweaty after his 2.5k!!!  He ran 3 of the Fun Runs so he earned a shirt!!!  Proud of him!
When no one gets you breakfast, you get your own!!!
Ethan and Ryder.  He is gonna miss his best bud!!!
Dinner at the beach!
Sleeping with all of his "friends"!!!

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