Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wrapping up our Time in Canada

The miracle we didn't expect happened.  The day we left Canada was Opa's best day since we've been here.  He was at HOME and we had a great visit.  This was one of the best conversations we have had where he knew who I was and understood where I came from, "Ambre, why are you here?  You live in Saudi."  "Yes, Opa, I do.  I came because you were VERY sick."  He has no memory of how he got to the hospital, why they put him in there, and doesn't remember any of our visits while he was in there.  I was so thankful that I got to see him at home and chat with him before I left.  Even better was this priceless picture I got of Ethan and his Opa Tick Tack.  A surprise and welcomed ending to our visit home!
After visiting Opa, my dad dropped us off at the airport.  It wasn't a sad good bye for a couple of reasons.  Opa was out of the hospital, we had an amazing two week visit, AND we will see them in a short week in Turkey!!!  A visit to look forward to!!!
We are getting use to long airport lines and how to entertain ourselves while we wait.  How about a few fun selfies to start our journey and to send home so everyone knows we are on our way!!!
Ethan got the stomach bug back at the end of our visit and I was worried that we'd be going home with it but thankfully he had a short version of it and he was fine by travel day (see, he passed it to TeeTee, Nina, and Uncle De so of course he was bound to get it back.... and a short note, I ended up getting it two days after arriving home in Saudi and then passed it to the two big kids.  The longest passing of a stomach bug ever!).  He did great this trip.  He is really becoming a great traveler.  Which I would hope after his past 6 months of busy travel, 6 countries in 6 months!
One thing I look for when traveling alone with the kids in the handicap stall.  It is usually I private room where I can let the kids entertain themselves while I go potty and not have to try to cram them into a tiny stall with me or leave them right outside my stall and hope no one takes them.  This trip, Ethan decided the bathroom floor needed cleaning, gross (I'm sure it did but not by his tiny hands), so he kept wetting paper towels and cleaning the floor.  Whatever, right?!?!  At least he was busy!
When we board the plane he has his little routine.  He loves watching shows and eating off the tray.  As soon as he sits and buckles up (which he also does on his own), he starts asking.  Another weird thing he does is he insists the window shade stays down!!!  (but he says, door open).  When Owen was a baby I use to bring bags of toys, books, and snacks with me for a 3 hour flight.  Now, for 30 hours of travel I bring very little (mainly headphones (Ethan calls them "hear thems") and a few snacks) and we get by just fine!!!  I love the simplicity of travel that I have been able to pare down to!

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