Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Grand Bazaar

After our afternoon break we headed out to find the Grand Bazaar, a MUST SEE in Istanbul.  We headed out walking the streets and knowing we were close to something because the street vendors became more abundant and so did street performers!!!  This little guy wanted to see what kind of goodies Ethan had on his tray!!
It wouldn't be a street performer if the guy didn't set Brad up for the perfect "tourist" picture with hat and all!
My turn.
Finally, destination found!  Watch out Grand Bazaar and all of its vendors, we have arrived!
SO MANY vendors!!!  Hallways and hallways filled with shops.  We had to make sure to stick close because it would have been easy to get lost in here!
Ready to do some shopping!
Owen had set out to find a good deal on a Turkish soccer jersey and his mission was accomplished very quickly!!  I had him do most of it on his own so he could start learning how to interact with vendors.  He had to ask how much and try to negotiate a price.... I also knew he would get a better deal than I would being a cute kid and all!! :)
We are trying to collect items from our travels that our special to the locations we visit.  In Turkey, Turkish lights are a big deal and there was NO shortage of shops or options!!!
After seeing Owen's soccer jersey, Ethan had to have one too!  Not only that but he had to have a ball as well.  It ended up working out perfectly, as Nina and I shopped for table clothes (very boring for the kids), the boys were playing soccer in the hallway and drew up a huge crowd of men who were watching and cheering them on!!!  What a neat experience!
I was too busy shopping to take as many pictures of the Grand Bazaar as I did of the spice bazaar but you can imagine the endless rows of rugs, Turkish lights, spices, watches, Turkish delight, jewelry, and the list goes on!!  All of that shopping made us hungry and Owen is now a fan of mussels so he stopped and had a few!!
What a day!!!  Worn out and waiting for the street car!!!  Ready for a cold drink, yummy dinner, and bed!!!

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