Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Istanbul Here We Come!

Auntie MaryAnn (Nina's sister from Germany) showed up late last night.  Our Istanbul party of 8 is all together and ready to attack the city. We headed out with a map and no real plan.  We knew we wanted to find breakfast and start seeing the sights but we had no idea what we would see, how long we would stay out, and what we would do about naps.  I'm pleased to say that we did A LOT!!  Much more than planned therefore Day 1 will be several posts!!!  Too many pictures for just one post and too many great pictures to get rid of any.  So, sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the journey!!
We sure did!!!  First stop, walking through the streets by our flat to find the street car station and figure out where we were going.   We started out with one plan and switched mid-ride because we determined we wanted to go to the farthest stop first and walk towards our home.
First stop, breakfast!!!  We found lots of places but this spot close to an open green area with outside eating, over top heaters, and blankets was perfect for us!
What should we order, yummy dips to begin with!!!
And then breakfast is served!!!
Ethan thought we were in Mexico turning his Turkish meal into a burrito (taco) using the flat bread that is served with the meals! : )
One of the stray cats joined us for our meal.  Observation- Istanbul is filled with LOTS of stray cats.  I noticed that the cats look healthy and then I noticed that the people feed the cats.  Good and bad I guess.  But good to see that we weren't surrounded by starving animals with signs that say "do not feed the strays" all around!
Showing off my breakfast listed on then menu as "Typical Turkish Breakfast" and not knowing what that meant but was happy to see we all loved everything on the plate!  We are full and ready to go see the sights!

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