Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mussels and Tea

One thing there is no shortage of on the streets in Istanbul are street vendors!  We usually walk by them and look with curiosity.  Today, we decided to give the mussels a try.  Why not?!?!
Brad and Nina were the first ones to be brave enough to give it a go.  Heck, for 1tl (or $.50) you should try it and if it is bad you haven't wasted much!
After seeing daddy try it, Owen decided he would try it too!!!  And he liked it!
At first Addyson said, NO way!  But, she couldn't let Owen try something she wasn't going to.  So, after Owen kept his down (no throwing up) and said he liked it, Addyson wanted to try it too!!!
I love how Owen is watching to see her reaction.  She ate it and liked it!!  Yay for trying new things!!!  That is one thing I'm really proud of our kids for, at least the big two, they will try just about anything and there is no shortage of new things to try on this trip (or this past year!!).
After getting off the Marmaray, we were in search of the Grand Bazaar when we got distracted by the mussels and an Effes sign!!!  So we stopped for a drink and also so we could figure out where we were going.
 Not only that but, neither of the boys had lunch because Ethan was napping and Owen and Nina were so busy shopping for fish which they ended up bring to us raw so we sent them back to have the fish cooked and by then it was time to go.  The place we stopped for a drink was nice enough to let Owen go ahead and eat his lunch there with no problems!
And we soon learned that the hospitality and the love for kids here is HUGE!!!!  We only ordered beers and soon the kids had chips, peanuts, and juice!!!!  SO nice!!!
We were also told that the hospitality doesn't stop with kids and that it is custom to have a traditional Turkish tea after your beer so again, without asking, we were all brought a cup of tea!!!
Our days are so full of adventure, nice pits stop, and lots of Turkish love!!!

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