Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Little Town

We arrived to our final destination of Guzelcamli, Turkey and after getting settled we set out for a walk to scope out the "downtown" area.  We didn't have any plans besides looking for a place to eat dinner.  We ended up with a full evening full of fun and new experiences.  It is not currently tourist season so I think we were the only non-locals around and everyone was so happy to see us and show us around.  Brad and the boys found their way into a dairy store and the shop owner was giving them sample after sample of fresh butter, cream cheese, yogurt, and different cheeses!!!  It was all SO amazing and fresh, nothing like what we've tasted before.  We ended up buying several things to have for breakfast in the mornings!
Our next stop was a local butcher to see what kind of meats they had.  One of our favorite things to do while traveling is to check out the local food and this experience at the butcher to see what kind of meats were available was amazing!
The butcher's English was non-existent so a local in the shop helped me out and with pointing to pictures on the wall of cows verses sheep we were able to get him to get us some sheep meat to make into sausage!
After he set all of the spices for sausage out on the counter he pointed to me and motioned for me to go spice my own sausage!!!
Amazing!!!!  What a fun experience!!!
We are the new people in town and were treated with amazing hospitality and we just couldn't get over this adventure.  It is totally different than walking around busy downtown Istanbul and I'm so glad that we were are able to have both kinds of experience on this trip!
Owen has been eyeing all of the fresh fish we have been seeing and today was no exception!  He kept talking about the fish store we passed by so we knew we had to go back!!!  Owen was excited to pick out his own fish!!
I'll take this one please!
Before wrapping up the fish, the guy scaled it and gutted the fish for us right then and there!
Our last stop for the evening was dinner.  This place came recommended to us by the manager for our apartment.  We let the chef know we were with his friend and we were treated with great hospitality once again!
Even though we didn't buy the fish at his restaurant, he gladly cooked it up for Owen who wasn't about to wait another day to eat his yummy fish he just bought!
Because it isn't tourist season yet they had a limited menu however that didn't stop them from showing up with amazing typical Turkish food!!!  Delish!
They didn't have any of their vegetarian dishes available but they very willing ordered a veggie pizza for Nina from their friend's restaurant and had it brought over for her!!!  What service!
Istnbul had a lot of cats, Guzelcamli has a lot of dogs!!!  This friendly female you can tell is at the bottom of the neighborhood pack.  She was super sweet and took a liking to Ethan!!  She followed us all the way home!!!  I think she will be our pet while we are here!!!
(*** as we left town our last day here Owen cried and cried and cried!  I asked why he was sad.  He was sad to leave all of his doggie friends behind that he had even named while here.  He was sad he would never see them again.  What a sweet animal lover he is!
We spent the rest of the evening on our amazing wrap around porch!!!  The weather here is beautiful and we have no neighbors on this side we just look out to a green space and then the water!!!  I think we are going to enjoy our time in our little town of Guzelcamli!

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