Friday, February 28, 2014

Ras Tanura Yacht Club

At the far end our camp, past the horse farm, is the Yacht Club you have to have a membership to to enjoy.  Membership sign up was a couple of weeks ago and today we got to take advantage of our membership for the first time.  We organized a group of friends to meet us out there for an afternoon of fun and dinner on the grill.  We loaded up the back of our car and headed out!
One of the benefits of the yacht club is it is mainly for Westerners and we are able to enjoy our beverages out in the open!  It didn't take the guys long to take over the job of manning the grill while enjoying a beverage! : )
While we waited for the meat to cook, the kids ate sides. (Maxine and Audry)
Scooted around. (Steine and Addyson)
And just enjoyed being outside with the freedom to run around and be cute! (Benthe)
And the meat still cooked..... it was a bit of a non-home run as far as dinners go but this was our first trip to the yacht club and using their grill.  We learned what to do different next time.  What to bring with us (like bug spray), and that we should head out a bit earlier since it gets dark here about 5pm.
What was nice was getting together with a group of friends (some of which met each other for the first time) in a new location and starting to take advantage of the many perks of camp and enjoying the cool weather before the heat moves in!!!!  I can't wait to go back out there and get better pictures next time!!!

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