Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spice Bazaar

We were making great time getting around Istanbul and seeing the sites!  We still had lots of daylight hours left so we set off to find the Spice Bazaar!
The bazaar was (and still is) the center for spice trade in Istanbul, but in the last years more and more shops of other type are replacing the spice shops.The building itself is part of the külliye (complex) of the New Mosque. The revenues obtained from the rented shops inside the bazaar building were used for the upkeeping of the mosque. wikipedia
The halls of the bazaar were grand and filled with lots of yummy smells!!!  So many beautiful spices to be seen!
Plenty of Turkish Delight to go around!
Take your pick
Need a grinder for your new peppercorn???  I got one!

Dried fruits
Making a purchase and a new friend!
Look at that cheese!
All of us, including the kids, did lots of shopping!!!!
Istanbul from the outside of the Spice Bazaar.

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