Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stopping for a Break

The plan was to head to the Blue Mosque right after Hagia Sophia since they were close to each other however, we didn't take into account prayer time.  SO, with nothing to do but wait we figured we should stop for a break!!!
We walked across the street thinking it would be easy to find a beer and soon realized that throughout Turkey it is almost impossible to find any place that serves alcohol close to any mosque, especially NOT close to the Blue Mosque!!!
No worries, it didn't take our group long to scout something out!! : )  One of our favorite things to do together is talk over a cold beer and now we had so many things to talk about!!!  Cheers!
The kids were wanting ice cream and we were trying to hold out for the traditional Turkish ice cream but were told that the ice cream stands were not out yet because it is too cold and not high tourist season.  We came about a month too early.  Good for us in that things were not too crowded.  Bad for the Turkish ice cream experience!
Good thing for these guys is that they don't even know the difference.  To them, this might as well be Turkish ice cream because it is ice cream you are eating in Turkey!!!
They enjoyed that while the adults enjoyed a drink and everyone was happy!
This face says it all!
One thing we are learning is that our kids, especially Ethan, stop traffic.  People come out from their stores to greet him, shake his hand, take his picture, give him a kiss.  It is crazy!!  Is this what famous people feel like walking down the street?!?!  It is cute but, we have lots to see so people, let us go! : )
One thing I realized was that Brad and I have now known each other 10 years!!!  Crazy!!!  When we met 12 years ago I knew he was fun and we would make a lot of memories and I had always wanted an overseas adventure for my family, just 10 years ago I never imagined this!  I wonder what the next 10 years hold for us?!?!

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