Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tiger Cubs meet Aramco Dogs

Owen has been in Tiger Cubs all year and he is so close to earning his badge.  One of the requirements he had to fulfill was going out into the community and visiting an area of service that helps us like fire station or police station.  Like several requirements in the book that is written to be carried out in the States where we have easier access to many things, we have had to make some adjustments to fit what we have the ability to do.
For our service part of the badge, the kids got to go see the Aramco working dogs who sniff out bombs!!!  How exciting!  I was super sad I missed this one!!!
This was the second group of our Tiger Cubs that went so there were a few spots available so some other of the Cub Scouts on camp went along with some younger siblings and our friend Steine!
Watching the dog at work.  This is a new dog to the program that they are in the early stages of training!
After watching the dogs at work, they got to play with the dogs to reward them!!!  Here is Owen throwing the ball for the doggie!
And lastly, they got to meet and pet the dogs!!!  You will know in the pictures that mommy was not home to help pick out outfits!! : )  Gotta love her individual style!
What an amazing opportunity for my animal lover!  Just sad I missed it!!  So glad he joined Tiger Cubs where we have met some amazing families and gotten to do some really fun activities!

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