Friday, April 4, 2014

Traveling to Izmir

This afternoon we packed up our little flat in Istanbul, said good bye to Auntie MaryAnn who was heading back to Germany, and boarded a plane to fly to Izmir for the second leg of our journey in Turkey.  As you can imagine, getting 7 people to the airport with all of our luggage was a bit of a struggle especially since we were having a really hard time booking a taxi due to language difficulty and no one really knows where our flat is.  We ended up standing outside and hailing a cab but because the streets are SO narrow we were holding up traffic so it was a bit of a rush to load us up.  Not long into our taxi ride I told Brad it felt like we forgot a bag, the blue bag, and that was confirmed when Opa and Nina's taxi showed up and didn't have our bag.  Brad took a taxi BACK to our flat to see if the suitcase was left outside, found nothing, and came back empty handed.  It was a bit of a nail biter since it was over an hour commute and we had about an hour until our plane boarded not to mention the added stress of a two way taxi!!  Ugh!!!  At the airport we spent our time snacking, drinking up our extra beer, and playing a game.  What a mess.  You would think with 4 adults we wouldn't leave anything behind.  Wrong!
The plane was a quick flight and a bare bones flight where you had to pay for everything, even drinks.  I told Owen "NO WAY!" to his request for something to turn around to see that Addyson had sweet talked Opa and Nina into some goodies!!!  Sweet girl shared happily and all was good!!!  See, it is extra fun to travel with grandparents! : )
Our plan was to rent a large size van to fit us all.  The large size van in the non-Western world translates to a Fiat.  Hmmm.... this should be interesting with all of us and ALL of our luggage including a large jogging stroller!  We were worried but, it all fit perfectly!!!  This was meant to be our car!
Squeezed in the back seat!!  We should totally be a Fiat commercial!!!
We all settled in for the long haul, about 2.5 hours to our destination.  Actually, we thought it would be more like 2 hours but we got lost, got stuck in construction, got re-routed though a town with lots of turns with no signs to tell us where to turn, minimal people who spoke English around to help us out....
And just when I was about to question our decision to come to this small town outside of Izmir, we stumbled at then end of the road and found this beautiful scene.  I told the kids to get out while Brad figured out where we were.  We all needed OUT of that back seat!!!
Turns out, this was OUR place!!  The house was just across the street!!!  We were at our new "home" and it was perfect!!!  Let the adventure continue!

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